Get started


Launch Superstring.

Select and drag a song that you want to create a lyric video into Superstring.


The Superstring editor.

The Superstring editor is where you work on your projects. You can access all of the major working areas in the Superstring editor.

Tip: To close or open the Superstring editor, use Enter key.

Edit clips.

Selecting clips is the first step in editing your lyric video. Click on a clip to select it. To replace placeholder text, double-click the text and type your own.

  • To select multiple clips, use Shift-click.
  • To edit next clip, use the Tab key.
  • To break up lines, use the slash character(/).

Align the timing.

Align the timing of clips by dragging. You can drag clips up or down to change the timing.

  • To move clips, use the Up or Down Arrow keys
  • To navigate clips, use the Left or Right Arrow keys.

Use the contextual menu.

The contextual menu provides convenient access to frequently used commands associated with clips. You can simply use Right-click to open the contextual menu.

Tip: If you're using a Mac, you can use Control-click to open the contextual menu. On a trackpad, you can use a two-finger tap.

Insert new clips.

To insert a new clip, open the contextual menu and choose Insert.

  • If you'd like to insert multiple clips, select the number of clips you wish to insert. Then, Right-click the clips, and choose Insert.
    For example, if you select 3 clips, Right-click on it, and choose Insert 3 above or Insert 3 below.
  • To delete a clip, select it, then press Delete key.

Group clips.

You can group multiple clips so you can move, edit, or copy them as a single unit. To group clips, select multiple clips, then open the contextual menu, and choose Group.

Tip: To ungroup clips, select the group, Right-click on the clips, then choose Ungroup.

Customize texts.

You can customize text styles, fonts, color, pulse and more.

  • Some of the styles may contain random values.
  • Some fonts may not support your languages. Leaen more.

Customize backgrounds.

You can add images as a background. You can also customize background styles, colors, and more.


Customize effects.

You can apply effects like Vignetting to the clips. To apply an effect, select clips and then choose an effect you want to apply to the clips.


Preview your lyric video.

When finished editing, preview your lyric video to experience it as your audience will. After preview, click Export button to export your lyric video.


Export your lyric video.

You can export your lyric video as '.mp4' file that you can upload to YouTube. Choose the size of the video and click Export button.

Tip: You can also export your Superstring data as '.superstring' file that you can share with other users.

Share your lyric video.

You can upload your lyric video to YouTube after exporting. Share it with the world!