Get started


Launch Membrane.

To create your first cover image, click the "+" button.


Choose a template.

Get started quickly with a wide selection of predesigned templates for album artwork, Facebook cover, YouTube channel art and much more.


The Membrane editor.

The Membrane editor is where you work on your projects. You can access all of the major working areas in the Membrane editor.

  • To move your canvas, press the space bar.
  • To close or open the Membrane editor, press Enter key.

Edit texts.

Selecting objects is the first step in editing your cover image. Click on a text to select it. To replace placeholder text, double-click the text and type your own. You can also customize fonts, size, color and more.

  • To select multiple text, use Shift-click.
  • Some fonts may not support your languages. Leaen more.

Edit images and shapes.

Click on a image or shape to select it. You can customize position, size, color and more.

  • To select multiple object, use Shift-click.
  • To edit next object, use the Tab key.

Insert new objects.

You can insert new objects into your cover image. To insert a new texts, images and shapes, just cilck insert button.

  • Use the Up or Down Arrow keys to move objects.
  • To delete a clip, select it, then press Delete key.

Export your cover image.

You can export your cover image as '.png' or '.jpg' file that you can upload to iTunes, Facebook, YouTube or use anywhere. Choose the file format and click Export button.

Tip: You can also export your Membrane data as '.membrane' file that you can share with other users.